Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Step By Step To Fix Wi-Fi Connection Issues On Dell Laptop

Dell is known for providing the advanced laptops across the world. Not only laptops but other products are also good in this brand. Customers are mad for Dell laptops because they provide customize devices according to users’ needs. In spite of too many great features users may face some issues and one of which it is while connect the laptop to the Wi-Fi network. This problem usually occurs when the user upgrade his windows. If you are also facing this issue then reading this blog will definitely help you to solve this problem.

The instructions are as follows:

1.First of all check BIOS and Update

  • Check the BIOS status if it is updated or not.
  • To update it you will need to verify the version and download its latest database.
  • Verify Wi-Fi adapter version if it is updated or not. If not, do it right now, as this will help you in solving the issues related to wireless connection.
  • Also, check drivers updates related to network and wireless services. If required do it right now!

2.Turn off all the connected devices 

  • After updating the drivers related to wireless network, you need to turn off all the connected devices including your Dell laptop, modem, wireless router and other linked devices.
  • Disconnect all the wires and USB connection to block any connection between them and reconnect them again in a proper manner. 

3.Configure Wi-Fi Adapter settings

  • After performing above steps, try to configure the laptop’s wireless adaptor settings for better performance of network connection.

  • Go to Start button and select Control panel to open more options.
  • Type Device Manger in the search box and press Enter key.
  • Open the section and click Network Adaptors.
  • Visit Intel PRO wireless with advance tab.
  • A user can take help from Dell Support to configure wireless adaptor settings and to fix other issue as well.

4.Download your windows update

  • The problem of Wi-Fi connection may occur due to old version of windows installed into your Dell laptop, therefore, you should download the latest version of your Windows. 
  • Make sure to have smooth connectivity during downloading its updates. Restart the system and enjoy using the uninterrupted wireless connection on your Dell laptop.

Once you follow above instructions correctly, you will be able to resolve this issue and if you need expert’s guidance then contact Dell Repair Brisbane Number 1-800-628-396. Best solution and some tips to increase the performance of your Dell laptop can be acquired from our team. This team is the best with all the safety checks services for their customers in solving any related issue with their device. Don’t worry about any crisis with your system as we are here to provide you immediate help.

Monday, 2 October 2017

How to Shutdown Dell Inspiron 15

Firstly, users need to understand the correct info about Dell Inspiron; it is a Window-based computer which is available for Windows 8 or 7. It is always turned off using the Shut Down menu of your PC. Dell Support will help you in turning off using detailed steps according to the operating system used on your PC or laptop. Never shut down the computer manually as it may lead to serious problems with its hard drive or Windows OS may corrupt. So, now follow the process using the provided steps carefully:

Windows 8

  • Close all the open programs on your system.
  • Head to upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen using your mouse to use the Charms sidebar menu.
  • Select Settings and click on Power.
  • Select ‘Shutdown’ and the computer will shut down the operating system and power off completely within few seconds.
  • Press and hold the power button if Dell Inspiron doesn’t turn off completely after turning off the operating system.

Windows 7

  • Come out of all programs on your system.
  • Go to Start menu and click Shut Down, as system shuts down in few seconds press and hold the start button if the Dell Inspiron 15 doesn’t power off itself completely after closing the operating system
  • Tips:

  • If you can’t access the shutdown menu, use Alt and F4 simultaneously on your keyboard. The shutdown option will appear in the centre of the screen. If this is also not helping you out, then press the power button till the screen blacks out.
  • Do not use the power button unless your PC is not shutting down using the correct option to turn off the screen.
  • To locate the power button on Dell Inspiron, look at the top right corner of the keyboard: a circle with the vertical line.

We have shared all the information regarding your issue; if a user still finds some difficulty or want any further guidance, can Contact Dell Customer Support Australia. The team is very active in providing an instant solution to any Dell related problem. Feel free to make a call to Dell Repair Centre Sydney as they offer extremely good service to their customers. The well-skilled and highly experienced agents of the team value customers and treat them with ease and comfort. Customers get the satisfying answers by the experts.


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to Set IP Address on Dell Printer 1320C Model

Dell has always impressed its customers with its different versions with the infusion of advanced technology. And one of its Dell 1320C Network Color Laser Printer is one of its best range which provides fast and high quality print (i.e. 12 color printouts per minute). It is appropriate for small organizations as it provides excellent user authentication and network connectivity where only some users are required to share speedy device in small footprint. Its network connection only need DHCP enabled ISP or router equipment.

How to set the IP Address on the Dell Printer:

a. By using Ethernet cable, plug in the Dell 1320C in to the router.

b. On the front side of the printer, press and hold down the ‘Continue’ button for three to four seconds. The device will begin printing a test page that will display the IP address of the Dell machine on your network.

c. Now, open your internet browser and you will get a number on your printout available next to ‘IP Address’. Access that number. You will be prompted to enter username and password.

d. You will see two fields. In the user field type ‘admin’ without the quotation marks and leave the password section blank.

e. Now enter the IP address which you want your printer to use after clicking ‘IP Configuration’. And whenever you try to connect your device it will ask this IP address from the router.

f. Tap on ‘Yes’ button when you will be asked to restart the router.

With the help of above steps, you can easily set a static IP address on your Dell device.
Dell Printer Support Australia is available round the clock. You can reach us by dialing 1800-958-239
It is very important to keep the printer in best of its position. It is amongst the most important machine every organization relies upon. If you are facing any technical glitch with your device then it is recommended to get in touch with engineers and technicians by dialing Dell Technical Support Australia Number 1800-958-239. You can also talk to us via live chat or email also.

Source: http://www.ejibon.com/blogs/5937/23256/how-to-set-ip-address-on-dell-printer-1320c-model

Thursday, 24 August 2017

How to Backup and Recovery Problems Resolve in Dell

Almost, all forms of communication online occur through data. Data is serving as means to store, process and transfer information. Hence, it is our responsibility to keep it protected. Dell Backup and Recovery is an application designed to serve the purpose of protecting your data and your documents with just a few clicks.

 Backing up your Dell device with Backup and Recovery will help you in many ways. It protects your system from accidental file deletion, virus attacks, and software corruption. It usually comes installed in the device. Right after the device is switched on for the first time, the installation wizard appears and by following through every step, it gets installed successfully. If the pre-installed version is causing any problem, a new one can be downloaded from Backup and Recovery website. Before installing this application, it must be made sure that it satisfies the minimum requirements in order to install the tool.  In order to achieve maximum performance, it needs to be updated regularly.

 Updating Dell Recovery and Backup to the premium, one can get the best out of the tool. Inside the application, this option will be available as an update. Make sure your Dell device is connected to the internet while you are going for the upgrade. All the information needed to purchase should be entered appropriately so as to find the compatible version for your device.

This application facilitates recovery of various kinds.

System recovery - your entire device is set back to the specified date.

Applications and Drivers – applications that were pre-installed on the device can be restored

Data recovering – recovers specific folders and applications from the Data Backup.

The above-said options are available in the Backup and Recovery tool that is installed in your system. By going through the specified instructions, the required change can be achieved.

 The Backup and Recovery can be uninstalled from your device if you wish, by clicking on the Programs and Features option from the control panel and by clicking on uninstall option against Backup and Recovery application.

 After going through the manual, if you are unable to recover your data or perform any change you wish to, you can always contact our Dell Support Team through Dell Support Helpline Number 1-800-958-239 whose extensive expertise regarding this matter will help you resolve your issue without having to go through a numerous online support articles and will also help you do it more efficiently.

Our support team and we have our different branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Perth. You can connect with us Dell Repair Sydney Number 1-800-958-239.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to Fix Speaker and Headphones issues in Dell Laptop?

Are you not able to get any sound on your system? Do you wish to play music or watch movies but your speakers or headphones are just not helping you out? Boredom kills obviously and what to do when you can’t take the benefit of your gadgets on time.

 Dell Support is available for you and this blog will help you in getting your system’s sound back. You are at the right place and won’t need to wait much, your every problem is fixed with ease and comfort by the experts. Just be little calm while following the few steps and you are there enjoying your favorite music or movies.

 • Make sure that the volume button on your screen is not on mute. You can see volume button on the below right-hand-side corner.

 You’ll see a red cross on the volume icon check if it is on mute mode.

 Give a right click on the icon and remove mute mode and if it is window 7 left click on speaker > left click on the Mute button.

 • Now try connecting an external speaker or headphone to check sound.

 • On Motherboard and Sound card go for the Online Diagnostics.

• Run Fixed it, to fix common audio issues for Dell laptop, do it step-by-step.

 • To resolve minor playback sound issues you should update Audio Driver or BIOS.

 • Your computer must run the latest Windows Updates.

 • Ensure that the speaker or headphone is connected correctly and there is no external damage.

 The above information is sufficient and proficient to resolve the sound problem. You must set the level of sound for speaker or system. For any further assistance and guidance, you can Contact Dell Support Number 1-800-958-239 to understand it more clearly. If you can’t get sound after trying the above things the team will guide you in proper direction which you can fix sitting at your place only. Your valuable time and energy won’t be wasted the experts solve it within short time duration.


Monday, 10 July 2017

How to Connect Wi-Fi with Dell Laptop

The traditional way of connecting the Internet was way too tricky where you used to juggle between wires. Connecting LAN and asking the service provider to provide you the Internet connection.

The way other laptop with running Windows connects to Internet, similarly a Dell laptop connects to wireless Internet router. You can connect to WiFi quickly and easily if your Dell device has WiFi card. You have to add a WiFi adapter to your device for linking with wireless network without running the network cables across the office or home. If your device doesn't have an internal wireless antenna then also you can connect with WiFi by using its USB ports to let the required hardware link with wireless network.

How to connect Dell Laptop to wireless network?

Follow the below steps to connect the wireless with your laptop by yourself:

Into any one of the USB ports plug in the USB end of the adapter on your laptop.

In the disc drive of your laptop insert the software disc that was provided with the adapter.

You will see an Install wizard screen, click Next option. In the user agreement select I Accept and then in the destination window click Next. For installing the software utilities for adapter select Install.

For saving the changes to your settings, restart the device.

On the Windows Task-bar- in USB adapter click on Networking Utility. Click on Connect after selecting the name of your wireless network in the window. For adding the WiFi to your device click Join after entering the passphrase for your network.

With the help of the above explained steps, you can connect your Dell device with the wireless network easily.

Call Dell Customer Care for further assistance required for connecting to the Internet.

If you are encountering any difficulty with any of the above step call at Dell support number 1-800-958-239 and discuss your issues with the experts directly. The team is here to fix all the errors you are facing with the laptop as well. Or connect with us via live chat where the professionals are available 24/7 at your service.

Source: http://articles.abilogic.com/231712/how-connect-dell-laptop.html

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Predicaments in Dell XPS13 and The Way Out from It

The corporation is named after the name of its founder and is the largest seller of personal computers, laptops, storage devices, high-quality televisions, cameras, printers and electronic items. It is known for its remarkable services across the region and makes products according to the needs of the customers. They found the opportunity of selling to the PC savvy persons who preferred direct purchasing, customizing the systems as per their requirements and delivering within few days. They have created internal sales and group of marketing to provide service to the home users and different variety of goods for other individuals. To know more, have an immediate assistance from Dell Support.

There are some problems related to audios not functioning properly and USB-C not connecting. There is cracking of sound which irritates you or USB-C cuts out at irregular intervals. You can set yourself after following the steps in the next lines:

For repairing audio crisis-

1. Installing a simple driver will sort this.

2. Go to Windows start button by tapping right and choose the appropriate device manager.

3. Darken the audio system in the Windows panel.

4. Again by the right click, opt the option of update driver.

5. You can even manually download it from the site.

For USB-C which is not attaching-

1. If you will diminish the Wi-Fi usage up to 75%, it will automatically solve your issue.

2. Knock on the start button and again go for device manager.

3. Opt properties by knocking on your Wi-Fi panel.

4. In the advanced options, decrease the usage to 75% and then see the result.

Scorching heat can also ruin the systems sometimes, though nothing heavy is in use. The fan is there for cooling but it takes the time to cool the components. If it persists, no need to worry, you are just a call away from Dell Helpline Number 1-800-958-239, who is available entire seven days to lend a hand to you by giving concise advice for the hurdle you are stuck in.