Sunday, 25 December 2016

Easy Steps To Fix The Issues Related To The Google Chrome In Dell

Facing issues related to your web browser such as Google Chrome is a common issue. There are several of factors which affect the working of Google Chrome. You can easily fix these problems which will not take more that 1 or 2 minutes. Follow these simple troubleshooting problems provided by Dell helpline number. They are highly trained and have a deep knowledge of all the issues. They resolve the issues in a quick time frame and with guarantee solution.

1. Most of the times, your browser optimization is more than enough to fix little issues related to Google Chrome. For this, open the menu in the top right corner and click on 'More tools' and then select 'Clear browsing data'. Check all the boxes present there and finally, clear the browsing data. Now, launch the browser again and check if the issues are resolved or not.

2. Clearing the Cookies is another option. To clear the cookies, first open the menu of the browser and after that click on 'Settings' and then choose 'Show advanced settings'. After that expand the 'Privacy section’ and click on the 'Content Settings'. Click on 'all cookies and site data' and finally click on the 'remove all' button and click on 'Done' button.

3. Sometimes, when you open multiple tabs in browser, then there are chances that one or few tabs will become unresponsive. In this situation, you just have close the unresponsive page and carry on with the responsive page.

4. You can disable the extensions by opening the menu and clicking on the 'Tools' button. After that, click on 'Extensions' and a list of extension will appear which you have to disable.

5. Sometimes, the virus and malwares affects the working of the browsers. To resolve these issues, scan your systems regularly with the help of the antivirus program. Try to keep your system free from virus and other threats.

6. If still you are not able to fix the issues related to the web browser, then the option left is to reset your Chrome browser. To reset the browser, open the menu of the browser. Go to the 'Settings' and then click 'advanced settings'. Search for the option 'Reset browser settings' at the bottom of the window. Now, sign in to your Chrome account through Google account. Finally, check whether the problem is resolved or not. Or for any support call on Dell technical support Australia