Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How to Fix Speaker and Headphones issues in Dell Laptop?

Are you not able to get any sound on your system? Do you wish to play music or watch movies but your speakers or headphones are just not helping you out? Boredom kills obviously and what to do when you can’t take the benefit of your gadgets on time.

 Dell Support is available for you and this blog will help you in getting your system’s sound back. You are at the right place and won’t need to wait much, your every problem is fixed with ease and comfort by the experts. Just be little calm while following the few steps and you are there enjoying your favorite music or movies.

 • Make sure that the volume button on your screen is not on mute. You can see volume button on the below right-hand-side corner.

 You’ll see a red cross on the volume icon check if it is on mute mode.

 Give a right click on the icon and remove mute mode and if it is window 7 left click on speaker > left click on the Mute button.

 • Now try connecting an external speaker or headphone to check sound.

 • On Motherboard and Sound card go for the Online Diagnostics.

• Run Fixed it, to fix common audio issues for Dell laptop, do it step-by-step.

 • To resolve minor playback sound issues you should update Audio Driver or BIOS.

 • Your computer must run the latest Windows Updates.

 • Ensure that the speaker or headphone is connected correctly and there is no external damage.

 The above information is sufficient and proficient to resolve the sound problem. You must set the level of sound for speaker or system. For any further assistance and guidance, you can Contact Dell Support Number 1-800-958-239 to understand it more clearly. If you can’t get sound after trying the above things the team will guide you in proper direction which you can fix sitting at your place only. Your valuable time and energy won’t be wasted the experts solve it within short time duration.


Monday, 10 July 2017

How to Connect Wi-Fi with Dell Laptop

The traditional way of connecting the Internet was way too tricky where you used to juggle between wires. Connecting LAN and asking the service provider to provide you the Internet connection.

The way other laptop with running Windows connects to Internet, similarly a Dell laptop connects to wireless Internet router. You can connect to WiFi quickly and easily if your Dell device has WiFi card. You have to add a WiFi adapter to your device for linking with wireless network without running the network cables across the office or home. If your device doesn't have an internal wireless antenna then also you can connect with WiFi by using its USB ports to let the required hardware link with wireless network.

How to connect Dell Laptop to wireless network?

Follow the below steps to connect the wireless with your laptop by yourself:

Into any one of the USB ports plug in the USB end of the adapter on your laptop.

In the disc drive of your laptop insert the software disc that was provided with the adapter.

You will see an Install wizard screen, click Next option. In the user agreement select I Accept and then in the destination window click Next. For installing the software utilities for adapter select Install.

For saving the changes to your settings, restart the device.

On the Windows Task-bar- in USB adapter click on Networking Utility. Click on Connect after selecting the name of your wireless network in the window. For adding the WiFi to your device click Join after entering the passphrase for your network.

With the help of the above explained steps, you can connect your Dell device with the wireless network easily.

Call Dell Customer Care for further assistance required for connecting to the Internet.

If you are encountering any difficulty with any of the above step call at Dell support number 1-800-958-239 and discuss your issues with the experts directly. The team is here to fix all the errors you are facing with the laptop as well. Or connect with us via live chat where the professionals are available 24/7 at your service.

Source: http://articles.abilogic.com/231712/how-connect-dell-laptop.html

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Predicaments in Dell XPS13 and The Way Out from It

The corporation is named after the name of its founder and is the largest seller of personal computers, laptops, storage devices, high-quality televisions, cameras, printers and electronic items. It is known for its remarkable services across the region and makes products according to the needs of the customers. They found the opportunity of selling to the PC savvy persons who preferred direct purchasing, customizing the systems as per their requirements and delivering within few days. They have created internal sales and group of marketing to provide service to the home users and different variety of goods for other individuals. To know more, have an immediate assistance from Dell Support.

There are some problems related to audios not functioning properly and USB-C not connecting. There is cracking of sound which irritates you or USB-C cuts out at irregular intervals. You can set yourself after following the steps in the next lines:

For repairing audio crisis-

1. Installing a simple driver will sort this.

2. Go to Windows start button by tapping right and choose the appropriate device manager.

3. Darken the audio system in the Windows panel.

4. Again by the right click, opt the option of update driver.

5. You can even manually download it from the site.

For USB-C which is not attaching-

1. If you will diminish the Wi-Fi usage up to 75%, it will automatically solve your issue.

2. Knock on the start button and again go for device manager.

3. Opt properties by knocking on your Wi-Fi panel.

4. In the advanced options, decrease the usage to 75% and then see the result.

Scorching heat can also ruin the systems sometimes, though nothing heavy is in use. The fan is there for cooling but it takes the time to cool the components. If it persists, no need to worry, you are just a call away from Dell Helpline Number 1-800-958-239, who is available entire seven days to lend a hand to you by giving concise advice for the hurdle you are stuck in.


Monday, 22 May 2017


Dell is one of the most popular electronics brands, which are known to produce excellent laptops for their customers. Not just this they provide the best customer support to their entire customer, so that their issues can get resolved quickly.

In order to seek any kind of help regarding the malfunction of your laptop, you can call on support team to ask for help from the best technicians. Whenever you buy a laptop, you set it according to your liking. However, sometimes you will require resetting all the factory settings in your laptop for it to work efficiently. In this article, we will be discussing about how to reset the factory settings of your laptop.

Know all the steps to regain your original factory settings

Before you start with the procedure, always ensure that you know everything about the pros and cons of the process so that you do not end up losing a lot. Always remember that once you reset the settings, all your previously stored date will get deleted. Here are the steps to follow –

Firstly, you are required to restart your laptop.

Once it restarts press F8, this will open the advanced boot options menu from where you can reset the factory settings.

Scroll down to the option ‘Repair your Computer’. This will ask you to choose a language of your choice.

Press next and log in, now you will need to tick the box, which will tell you about formatting the hard drive. Click next and follow the rest of the instructions for resetting it.


If you are unable to follow up with this procedure, you can ask an expert to do that for you. You can call on Dell phone number Australia to seek expert guidance on the matter, so that you do not end up ruining your computer.
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dial Dell Number Australia to Get Ideal Solution for Memory Upgrade

All your documents, movies, and videos can be stored safely, when you buy a new Dell laptop. However, soon this thought becomes unthinkable due to shortage of memory space. Soon the computer becomes a little sluggish. In such case, you can take help from Dell laptop support team in order to find an appropriate solution.

Benefits of Memory upgrade

  • Memory upgrade will allow your laptop to gain its speed
  • Opening programs will be easier
  • Browsing the internet will become fun again
  • With more storage space, users can play better games

First clear hard drive space


There are many ways to clear the memory space.
  • Clean up unnecessary files
  • Uninstall needless applications
  • Target duplicate files
  • Move key folders on an external drive
  • Store on the clouds

How to shop for suitable RAM?


You can Contact dell support Australia to find out what size memory will support your laptop model. Moreover, you will need to evaluate the daily usage of the laptop to locate a memory chip, which suits your needs.

Installation tips


Securely reinstall - If the laptop does not recognize the new upgraded memory, then remove and reinstall it. Make sure that the module snaps securely in the memory slot.

 Blank screen - The new memory needs to be of the same kind as the old one. Using SDRAM or EDO in a system, which does not support will result in a blank screen.

Consider slot density - Start filling slots with large density and descend, accordingly. Insert the largest module in slot-0, second largest in slot-1, and so on. Several systems use ascending order, so if this does not work, then reverse the process.

Check for Dell contact number and approach them for accurate memory specifications. This will allow you to get an appropriate memory card installed, the very first time. Never hesitate to call tech support anytime.

Sunday, 23 April 2017


It is pretty easy to take off the keys of a laptop, and it’s almost impossible to put or fit them back on without destroying or losing the microscopic parts.

Below are the steps which can help you to pop a key back to its place on Dell keyboard.

Even after following the below mentioned steps, you are unable to fix the key back onto its place, then don't worry. Dell Support Australia is there to help you. We help in fixing every laptop related issue in the minimum time possible.


 1. Start with every piece- Check every piece carefully. Make a note where tiny tabs are on them. Arrange them correctly.

2. Keep jotting down the orientations of the tabs on the U-shaped piece- Slide the tabs under the metal loops on the laptop.

3. Slide the other O-shaped piece via the centre of the U-piece.

4. Connect the tabs on the O-piece under the hooks on the laptop.

5. Now, click the tabs in the O-piece into the slot in the U-piece.

6. Ensure that the tabs are uplifted. At this point, the two pieces are locked together, If performed the steps correctly, they won't sit flat. They will be elevated above the surface of the laptop.

7. Now place the key right-side over the O and U shaped pieces- First, click the right side (until you hear it click), and then push it down to the left side of the key.

8. Click it into place. And the key is replaced.

These steps will help in pop back the key back to the Dell laptop keyboard.


If you are still facing the issue even after following the above mentioned steps then contact our technical expertise at Dell tech helpline 1-800-958-239. Our team of technicians is there to guide and assist you 24/7. The Dell users from Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Gold Coast can also get in touch with our professionals for any laptop-related query.

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Step By Step Procedure By Dell Helpdesk Team To Replace RAM On Your Dell Laptop

One of the reasons to replace the RAM in your laptop is to enhance its speed. Faster processing and improved performance are the benefits one gets by installing new random access memory. If you are planning to replace, then you need to perform a series of steps.

Install according to the system specification:

Before installing it, professionals at Dell technical support number advises users to check the permissible capacity (minimum and maximum) for RAM in the DELL laptop. To know this, you can check the manufacturer specification details.

 Type of RAM 

Type of RAM
DELL users in Australia get the easy and reliable assistance of technical professionals at DELL customer care. Dell customer support Australia offers several different types of RAM depending on the type of the laptop model. Choose the right type of RAM as required by your laptop.

Installation process


Calling at Dell Australia helpline, you would learn a series of steps to efficiently install the RAM.

  • To get started with the installation procedure, you need to remove the battery carefully.
  • Now find the location of the memory access door. Unscrew the door and safely remove the shield.
  • In the process of removing the memory (SODIMMs), you will notice that the RAM module will pop up. Take good care while taking it out.
  • Now align your new memory and place it in the slot. Slowly push it inside such that it makes an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Rotate the module in a downward direction and replace the screws and memory access door. After doing this, place the battery and again switch on the laptop. At any point of time you face trouble in replacing your RAM, you can call on Dell technical support phone number 1-800-958-239
It has a specific lifetime and the working of the software depends on the quality of the RAM. So, if you replace old with new one, then you would see the quick processing of your tasks. By performing these steps diligently, you would notice better and faster performance of your system.

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

How to Repair Keyboard keys of Dell Laptop

Dell Laptop has one of the frustrating keyboard keys to work with. But that doesn't mean this problem cannot be solved. There are many professionals who not only repair but also replace the entire keyboard. So it's better to identify alternatives instead of sitting and waiting for the technicians to come to rescue.

If the laptop still comes under warranty period, then contact Dell Support Australia for the assistance. Our team of technicians will guide you through the steps and best possible solution. We help in providing immediate solutions for every technical glitch.

How to fix keyboard keys:

Dell Support Australia

a. Shut down the laptop- Repairing a keyboard is not that dangerous but it's a better idea to take precautions before repairing.

b. Remove key cap- With some gentle twist most loose keys come out. If required, try to lever out the key cap from the corners with the help of flat head screwdrivers.

c. Check attachments points on key- The key cap base has four attachment points. Look carefully for the signs of broken attachment. In case, if you are not sure, remove functional key of similar size by gently pulling out each corner with a screwdriver.

d. Replace broken key cap- If you find attachments points broken, and then you requires a new key. To put in new key, hook one attachment point on the keyboard, rub your finger over the key till you hear two loud snaps at the end of keys.

e. Fix metal bars on large keys- The space key and shift keys are held on by a metal bar. If this bar is not flat, the user might need to re-attach it to small plastic hooks on the keyboard. Once the bar is reattached, press the key cap and test it whether it's working or not.

f. Check for other issues- Loose keys are always caused due to the damage to the key cap itself, or the metal bars of large keys.

Contact Dell Laptop repairs Melbourne  for fixing hardware related issues at 1-800-958-239.

This is one issue in which we help. If you are facing any issue apart from this like of software, then get in touch with our technicians at Dell technical support 1-800-958-239.  We are 24/7 accessible.

User from Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Gold Coast can also contact us as we provide services in these regions as well.
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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dell Laptop Technical Troubles: Get Help from Professionals for Quick End of Problems

Before we start understanding about some of the major & common issues of Dell laptop, let me share that i am not a tech representative, nor do I have any connection with the sales of any computer dealer. In clear words, I am only a blog writer and not have any association with Dell in any way. I’ve just interest in writing on technology and I am sharing it with you here some useful details on laptops, no self benefit is attached.OK, I hope you got my point! Let’s start.

As we all know, Dell is the largest producer of the collection of laptops and notebook computers that are introduced in the market with different names. Here we will discuss the main problems with desktop/laptop monitors and laptop screens.

  • Too small or big screen size, icon size, or font size
  • A blank screen
  • No video display
  • Color or blurred screen problems
  • Low or high level of brightness, contrast, or geometrical Problems

Dell Support Page: Only a Text Guide

In all these tech issues, Dell does provide official help and support that you check by visiting their website to get free help, but they mostly provides a text guide not the personalized help. This can be a bit disappointing for some of you who aren’t too familiar with computer technology or for them who are too busy to perform troubleshooting on your own.

Dell Support Australia: Offer High Level of Service

You can also take up assistance from the online Dell customer support company that specializes in providing help via the phone & live chat. These companies arrange the best services by technical experts who have many years of experience in tech support; they do help in other matters as well such as knowing tech Updates, and information on the email technology. This form of technical support is offered by http://dell.supportnumberaustralia.com that combines the ease of tech support with the convenience of official pages.

For any technical help any time you can call on 1-800-958-239
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