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How to Repair Keyboard keys of Dell Laptop

Dell Laptop has one of the frustrating keyboard keys to work with. But that doesn't mean this problem cannot be solved. There are many professionals who not only repair but also replace the entire keyboard. So it's better to identify alternatives instead of sitting and waiting for the technicians to come to rescue.

If the laptop still comes under warranty period, then contact Dell Support Australia for the assistance. Our team of technicians will guide you through the steps and best possible solution. We help in providing immediate solutions for every technical glitch.

How to fix keyboard keys:

Dell Support Australia

a. Shut down the laptop- Repairing a keyboard is not that dangerous but it's a better idea to take precautions before repairing.

b. Remove key cap- With some gentle twist most loose keys come out. If required, try to lever out the key cap from the corners with the help of flat head screwdrivers.

c. Check attachments points on key- The key cap base has four attachment points. Look carefully for the signs of broken attachment. In case, if you are not sure, remove functional key of similar size by gently pulling out each corner with a screwdriver.

d. Replace broken key cap- If you find attachments points broken, and then you requires a new key. To put in new key, hook one attachment point on the keyboard, rub your finger over the key till you hear two loud snaps at the end of keys.

e. Fix metal bars on large keys- The space key and shift keys are held on by a metal bar. If this bar is not flat, the user might need to re-attach it to small plastic hooks on the keyboard. Once the bar is reattached, press the key cap and test it whether it's working or not.

f. Check for other issues- Loose keys are always caused due to the damage to the key cap itself, or the metal bars of large keys.

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