Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dial Dell Number Australia to Get Ideal Solution for Memory Upgrade

All your documents, movies, and videos can be stored safely, when you buy a new Dell laptop. However, soon this thought becomes unthinkable due to shortage of memory space. Soon the computer becomes a little sluggish. In such case, you can take help from Dell laptop support team in order to find an appropriate solution.

Benefits of Memory upgrade

  • Memory upgrade will allow your laptop to gain its speed
  • Opening programs will be easier
  • Browsing the internet will become fun again
  • With more storage space, users can play better games

First clear hard drive space


There are many ways to clear the memory space.
  • Clean up unnecessary files
  • Uninstall needless applications
  • Target duplicate files
  • Move key folders on an external drive
  • Store on the clouds

How to shop for suitable RAM?


You can Contact dell support Australia to find out what size memory will support your laptop model. Moreover, you will need to evaluate the daily usage of the laptop to locate a memory chip, which suits your needs.

Installation tips


Securely reinstall - If the laptop does not recognize the new upgraded memory, then remove and reinstall it. Make sure that the module snaps securely in the memory slot.

 Blank screen - The new memory needs to be of the same kind as the old one. Using SDRAM or EDO in a system, which does not support will result in a blank screen.

Consider slot density - Start filling slots with large density and descend, accordingly. Insert the largest module in slot-0, second largest in slot-1, and so on. Several systems use ascending order, so if this does not work, then reverse the process.

Check for Dell contact number and approach them for accurate memory specifications. This will allow you to get an appropriate memory card installed, the very first time. Never hesitate to call tech support anytime.