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Step By Step Procedure By Dell Helpdesk Team To Replace RAM On Your Dell Laptop

One of the reasons to replace the RAM in your laptop is to enhance its speed. Faster processing and improved performance are the benefits one gets by installing new random access memory. If you are planning to replace, then you need to perform a series of steps.

Install according to the system specification:

Before installing it, professionals at Dell technical support number advises users to check the permissible capacity (minimum and maximum) for RAM in the DELL laptop. To know this, you can check the manufacturer specification details.

 Type of RAM 

Type of RAM
DELL users in Australia get the easy and reliable assistance of technical professionals at DELL customer care. Dell customer support Australia offers several different types of RAM depending on the type of the laptop model. Choose the right type of RAM as required by your laptop.

Installation process


Calling at Dell Australia helpline, you would learn a series of steps to efficiently install the RAM.

  • To get started with the installation procedure, you need to remove the battery carefully.
  • Now find the location of the memory access door. Unscrew the door and safely remove the shield.
  • In the process of removing the memory (SODIMMs), you will notice that the RAM module will pop up. Take good care while taking it out.
  • Now align your new memory and place it in the slot. Slowly push it inside such that it makes an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Rotate the module in a downward direction and replace the screws and memory access door. After doing this, place the battery and again switch on the laptop. At any point of time you face trouble in replacing your RAM, you can call on Dell technical support phone number 1-800-958-239
It has a specific lifetime and the working of the software depends on the quality of the RAM. So, if you replace old with new one, then you would see the quick processing of your tasks. By performing these steps diligently, you would notice better and faster performance of your system.

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